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Use Cases

Gaining access to live churn statistics can add incredible value to a variety of companies and teams that operate in and around the telecommunications industry. When you obtain a clear picture of the churn landscape, and are able to map the migration of subscribers between specific service providers, you’ll find yourself in a much better position to organize targeted marketing campaigns, or gain a competitive advantage, or forecast the performance of a stock in your portfolio.

Telecom Marketers

Determine which competitor is acquiring your subscribers, and whose subscribers you’re converting, region by region. Have your agency or DSP measure campaign conversions. Build an upgrade offer optimization model.

Device Manufacturers

Know when a subscriber chooses a competing manufacturer when they upgrade or switch service providers. Understand your most serious competitors by old device, by location, or by service provider.

Analyst Community

Inform your audience with relevant and accurate data. Include a new stream of churn statistics to your clients on your data management platform. Enrich your quantitative models with alternative data.